My Journey to Yoga

My career began with teaching Special Education. I went to school to study the field, spent college summers working at camps with adults with developmental disabilities and happily found my first job on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico.  The field was rewarding, challenging and different each day.  I loved what I did and spent many years teaching.  Over time I married and had 3 children of my own. After each maternity leave it became harder for me to go back to teaching.  It felt like I could only give 50% as a teacher and 50% as a mom.  I was doing the two hardest jobs in the world and not able to do my best at either. 

After the birth of my third son and another move with my husband’s job, I felt exasperated at the thought of going back to teaching.  How was I going to go back to work with three small children?  Our move took us from living in the city of Houston to rural northern NJ.  I was completely overwhelmed as my oldest son was getting ready for kindergarten.    His first day was a milestone and one for the photo albums.  My husband went to work late.  We had the camera, our cups of coffee and tea, the younger boys were dressed and fed, and all the neighbors stood at the corner anxiously snapping pictures and holding back tears.  It was a wonderful day.  However, I remember the second day very differently.  I stood at the bus stop with the neighbors, our morning feeling a little more rushed, the dads already at work, the cameras were on the counter and I thought to myself “how am I ever going to go back to work?”

Adjusting to a new move, and experiencing some issues with sciatic pain, I started practicing yoga in my living room when the boys were napping.  It was my retreat and a ritual I cherished and needed.  One day as I was doing a yoga video, I had an “A HA” moment and thought to myself, I can do this, I can teach yoga!  Shortly after, I enrolled in a yoga teacher training program and haven’t looked back. 

Since then I’ve gone to massage school and work as a massage therapist and a yoga instructor.  Recently my youngest son asked “Mom is yoga your hobby or your job?”  It’s very hard for me to call yoga ‘work’ or a “job’ for me, I live my yoga everyday.  The physical practice of yoga is Asana. However Asana is only part of a larger philosophy. Yoga philosophy teaches transformative possibilities, awareness and presence. Paying attention to the small things, the circumstances and the awareness of each moment is the core of yoga practice and I believe part of living life. What other ‘job’ teaches that!

As I begin this blog it is my intention to reflect on yoga in my daily life; to discover the wisdom of yoga on and off the mat. I will explore poses; the ones I love and the ones I struggle with.  I will weave the 8 Limbs of Yoga into ordinary situations.  I will  offer videos, media reviews, and podcast of influential yogis.   If you are new to yoga, curious about yoga, or a lifetime practitioner, my hope is for you begin to look at the transformative qualities yoga can have in your life daily.  Join me on this journey of discovery through yoga and yoga philosophy.



About yogabarb

Barbara is a Mom of three boys, yoga instructor and massage therapist. She aspires to live her yoga everyday.
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