Eat Pray Love ~ The Movie and My Thoughts

I read the book Eat Pray Love over two years, ago and I loved it and was so excited when it became a movie.   I’d planned to re-read the book before the movie to refresh my memory, but I’d borrowed the book from a friend, passed it onto someone or checked it out of the library.  Since it wasn’t in my stash I didn’t try that hard to find another copy.

I knew several groups of friends that were planning on going but decided to go with my husband for my birthday.  I wasn’t too concerned that he maybe the only male in the theatre, because as my 8 year old boasts “Our dad likes’ chick flicks” Its true and I knew he wouldn’t have any problem going with me.  After sitting down next to each other we realized that we hadn’t been to an adult movie together without kids in over 10 years!!!!!!!  That’s not to say neither of us have seen an adult movie in 10 years.  He sees more movies then I do on his international flights and I have a few girlfriends that I get out with occasionally.  After settling in we scanned the audience and Paul said “There could be whole book clubs here” And he was probably right.  I liked the diversity of the crowd, from couples to large groups of women to a group of elderly men and women.

My expectations for the movie were high and I was slightly disappointed.  I liked the movie.  But I wanted to love it and that wasn’t the case.  From the beginning I was concerned about Julia Roberts as Liz Gilbert.  Julia is just Julia.  She’s a strong presence and it’s hard to think of her as someone other then Julia Roberts.

From what I remember about the book, what I enjoyed was the description of each country.  During the Eat portion in Italy I remember specifically the Pizza Scene.  The description of the pizza made me so hungry and made me want to eat Pizza.  Watching Julia Roberts scarf down a whole pizza just isn’t the same.

The movie didn’t go as deep as the book.  I would have liked more narration on her spiritual journey.  A few scenes did touch me.  I liked Texas Richard.  I was touched by his story and did get a little teary eyed.

Most of the wisdom in the movie came from Texas Richard.  When Julia/Liz was lamenting about missing her Ex-boyfriend Yogi from Brooklyn (her rebound after her failed marriage) Texas Richard said to her “When you miss him send him love and light” That simple statement spoke volumes to me.  During the last two years I lost both of my parents, in a span of 16 months, my dad to a sudden massive heart attack and my mom after battling cancer for 2 and ½ years.   Texas Richards advice was so basic and so simple, but it connected with me.  Now when I miss my parents I think of them and send them love and light.  It’s been tremendously healing for me.

Last week I saw a piece on the news about the merchandise available for the movie.  It seems that it is quite controversial. (which could be another whole blog in itself)  I’m not surprised by merchandising in movies, but it is generally with kid’s movies, Shrek, Toy Story etc.   Apparently there are t-shirts, mala beads, necklaces with Ganesh all for sale in the Eat Pray Love franchise.  I’m not sure I will be buying any of those.

I really wanted to like this movie more.  I still want to reread the book so I can remember what I liked about it so much.  I was in a different place when I read it and may have a different opinion the second time around.   I would still suggest seeing it, but maybe wait until you can get it on Netflix, Blockbuster or On Demand.



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Barbara is a Mom of three boys, yoga instructor and massage therapist. She aspires to live her yoga everyday.
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10 Responses to Eat Pray Love ~ The Movie and My Thoughts

  1. FindingMyUnicorn says:

    Wow, I also loved the book, and can’t wait to see the movie. I’m kinda looking forward to seeing Javier Bardem in it, hehe.

    I’m sorry to see that it was a little disappointing, but I guess that it’s hard for the movie to match up to such a brilliant book!

    That’s so special about the ‘love and light’ being sent to your parents… that’s a very beautiful & special thing.. and I’m glad that you could take that out of the movie…

    Namaste xxx

  2. Maria Garcia says:

    This is a good book but I haven’t seen the movie, thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Jody says:

    That is so wonderful how you send you Mom and Dad love and light. That makes the movie priceless to me.
    I loved the book too, but I don’t expect the movie’s to match. I liked the love of kind, happy people in Italy and Richard also. But, Bali was my favorite – The life long desire to love herself came to reality and it showed.
    Thanks Liz Gilbert for sharing yourself with the world and thank you yogabarb for sharing your winning experience with me.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the movie. The book was so insightful. I’m glad to know the movie had some insights, even if the pizza eating scene wasn’t as good!

  5. yogabarb says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I think the book was so amazing that it made it hard for the movie to live up to that! But overall I enjoyed it!

  6. yogagirl says:

    Hi there–I feel similarly as you–the movie was not as deep spiritually or enlightening as I thought it would be. I think there could’ve been so many more scenes where they could have photographed her having “epiphany’s” or just being moved by the simple things in life. Or how about showing her meditating by herself and then opening her eyes and smiling??!!! Agree–all the eating scenes were kind of overkill and more indulgent–and to me almost gross–too much of a good thing is never good, right?!

    I was touched by how the movie did impact you with the Texas Richard comment–and blessings to you and your parents!

    For me–the thing that MOST resonated was keeping balance in ones life in the midst of romantic involvement. It’s very hard for me to do that–and I am more at peace and seemingly more happy sans relationship–but that’s just me.
    Thanks for sharing your viewpoint!
    Check out my little fashion/yoga blog at

    • yogabarb says:

      Hey yogagirl, I checked out your blog and love it! Thanks for the feedback. I had a friend suggest that if the movie went too deep, it might not appeal to the masses….

  7. I picked up a used copy of the book, wanting to read it before I saw the movie. I’m only a few chapters through. By the time I’m finished the film will probably already be on DVD.

    What’s most fascinating to me is the physical state of the used copy itself. Text is underlined and highlighted, and someone wrote notes in the margins. It obviously served as a personal guide for the initial owner (who is not identified in any way). The commentary is, at times, surprisingly revealing; at some points I’ve felt like I was sneaking though a diary. It also is obvious the initial owner drew some positive, life-changing conclusions from what was read … so I can only conclude the book is worth sticking with.

    Great post, Barb. Keep up the good work!

  8. yogabarb says:

    Thanks Joe and I hope you continue to enjoy the book!

  9. mogallant says:

    Sending Love and Light to you Barb 🙂

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