Sound Meditation Every Sunday at St. Peters Bakery

After being evacuated from our family vacation because of Hurricane Earle I returned to PA and decided to make the most of the rest of our ‘stay-cation’    Saturday morning  I attended an intense (and completely out of my element)  vinyasa Yoga class at a local studio.

Since we weren’t playing in the sand and surf I was determined to enjoy the time off with family and time for myself and found the perfect way to relax on Sunday morning at a sound mediation class taught by Dave Antonio.

I met Dave Antonio about a year ago when he came to High Street Yoga and did a Yoga Class with Live Music.  Dave plays the didgeridoo, gong, sitar, world flutes and guitar.  Recently he began a Sound Meditation Class at a St. Peters Bakery.  The bakery is in a small village that sits along French Creek.  The mediation class was held on the lower level deck with the back drop of the rocks and the sound of the creek.  Sunday morning was cool and clear with low humidity.  It was a perfect September day and a perfect morning.  Participants brought lawn chairs, yoga mats or blankets to sit or lay on.  We all settled in to our spots and Dave began to play.  He played continuously and flowed from one instrument to the next.  He walked around with his didgeridoo so participants could feel the sound vibration.  The music was healing and meditative and the setting perfect.  Patrons of the bakery sat on the upper deck listening and families walked by on their way to the creek.   I hope to attend  many more of Dave’s sound meditation events at the bakery while the weather is warm and enjoy the healing benefits of sound and meditation.


Sound Meditation Every Sunday Morning 11 am at St. Peter’s Bakery


About yogabarb

Barbara is a Mom of three boys, yoga instructor and massage therapist. She aspires to live her yoga everyday.
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