Yoga for Snow Shoveling

Snow; It’s that time of year in Pennsylvania and most of the northern part of the U.S.  It’s beautiful and peaceful but also back breaking.  This morning we woke to 6 inches and other places along the east coast got up to 2 feet.

I have a home based Massage Therapy Business and so I need to get out there and clear the driveway.  Not just the spot around my own car and my hubbies but the whole driveway so clients can park.  We have a gravel driveway, not paved, so it makes it necessary to shovel before it freezes on.

Our backyard is a winter wonderland BUT  this morning after shoveling our driveway, my back was sore.  This is a sequence of yoga poses that can relieve low back pain from over use and shoveling. Enjoy!

Click on the links to view pictures of each pose.

Cat Cow

Starting on your knees, align knees with hips, and wrists with shoulders.  On the inhale open up the heart and gaze up at the ceiling and on the exhale, round the spine and gaze toward the legs.  Flow this way with the breathe.

Child’s Pose

From all fours, sit back onto your heels, knees are wide, arms reach forward and torso settles onto the mat.  Breathe deeply.

Flow from Cat Cow into Child’s pose.

Inhale up to your knees, gaze up at the ceiling, exhale round and sit back into child’s pose.

Sphinx Pose

Lower onto your belly, forearms press into the mat, lift the upper body

Upward dog

Inhale push up to upward dog, and exhale tuck your toes into

Downward dog

Finish your sequence with Legs up the wall.

Sit next to the wall with the side of the body next to the wall.  With the hips as close to the wall, pivot back so your legs are up against the wall.  Stay here and breathe for as long as you want.  To come out of the pose, bring  the knees into the chest, roll to the right and use your hands to push yourself up to a seat.



About yogabarb

Barbara is a Mom of three boys, yoga instructor and massage therapist. She aspires to live her yoga everyday.
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