Yoga in the Park

Last weekend I taught the first Yoga in the Park Series at Memorial Park in Pottstown.  The class was partnered with the Hill School.  Over 100 students attended the 9 am class along with at least 50 more community members.  The morning started out chilly but by 9 am the sun came out and stayed out for us!  The beauty of being outside, and looking at the sky while sharing the collective energy was the highlight for me.

The class focused on standing poses and was followed by the sun salutation.  The group did the salutation as a ‘wave’ followed by one large group tree poses and finished with Savasana.

Check out the great article in the Mercury about the event!



About yogabarb

Barbara is a Mom of three boys, yoga instructor and massage therapist. She aspires to live her yoga everyday.
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One Response to Yoga in the Park

  1. I’ve practiced yoga for years but never outside before this event. It was so enjoyable – and fitting – to be doing sun salutations underneath a beautiful sky and sun, with the grass beneath my feet. Great class, Barbara. I hope there will be more Yoga in the Park sessions in the future!

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