Aerial Yoga

This is me doing pigeon pose!

Last week I attended an Aerial Yoga class with friend and fellow High Street Yoga teacher Maryann.  We’d heard about Aerial Yoga after reading an article in the Reading Eagle about a studio in Kutztown.  After some research Maryann found us a class at MoYo Yoga in Skippack which is much closer.

There were three of us in the class and all three were yoga instructors eager to learn more.   Long colorful hammock like fabric hung from a beam in the ceiling.  Our instructor Pat explained that the hammocks were hung at varying heights to accommodate students of different sizes.  She explained the hammocks could hold up to 2,000 lbs and explained the details of how they were hung.  I can’t remember that part!

We started the class on the floor doing a few cat cows and Pat instructed us to extend our left leg back and into the sling and then come up into a plank pose.  Next she instructed us to bring that knee toward the nose.  I immediately realized that this was going to be hard!  After a few rounds of this on each side we got into the sling.  Pat guided us clearly and carefully into bound angle and then if we wanted we could hang upside down in bound angle.  Sitting in the sling in the pose gave a deep stretch  and falling back into the pose was both exhilarating and calming.

She led us through many more poses and most of them inverted.  My two favorites were down dog split and pigeon.  We got into downward dog and then extended one leg up into three limbed down dog.  We wrapped the extended leg in the fabric.  My hip began to cramp up.  I’d run 4 miles before class and my hip flexors were not liking this pose!  Once Pat encouraged me to straighten my leg more, my hips released and it felt so good. It was such a deep stretch.

After down dog she instructed us into pigeon and I couldn’t have been happier.  Pigeon is by far my favorite pose.  I could sleep in it.  I couldn’t wait to get into a sling and be upside down!  It felt amazing!

The class was more physically challenging then I thought and getting used to the fabric and the feel of the sling took some time.  I felt like I was able to go into the poses deeper then on the floor.  Savasana and Child’s pose were both comforting and supported in the sling.  I look forward to attending this class again.


About yogabarb

Barbara is a Mom of three boys, yoga instructor and massage therapist. She aspires to live her yoga everyday.
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  1. Sony Fugaban says:

    Don’t know about this aerial yoga yet … Thanks for sharing this post.

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